March 10

Women Shaping Virtual Worlds

It’s Women’s History Month, and while women make history every day of every month, March is nationally dedicated to celebrating all the contributions women make to our society. We want to share a glimpse into some of the influential women who continually shape virtual worlds and the game industry for the better and add value to our work.

Nonny de la Peña, one of the early adopters of virtual and augmented reality, CEO of Emblematic Group, and Founding Director of the Center for Emerging Media and Narrative at Arizona State University. Nonny’s career is deeply rooted within immersive storytelling, and we are engaged every step of the way!

Robin Hunicke is known for her work as a Game Designer, Producer, and Professor at UC Santa Cruz. She began her career at Electronic Arts and is now the Co-Founder of Funomena, an independent game studio specializing in experimental games. Throughout her career, she has dedicated her work to always creating the most innovative game experiences while building inclusion within the industry.

Krista Kim is helping to create the evolution we see today within digital technology. Her accomplishments are many, including recently becoming the contributing Metaverse Editor for Singapore Vogue. Additionally, she is the founder of the Techism movement, a philosophy that recognizes technological innovation as an artistic discipline, encouraging artists to promote digital humanism for our digital culture. During the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, Kim explored the creative potential to utilize screens as digital instruments of well-being by creating Mars House. Mars House is an entirely virtual environment using her digital zen philosophy as the first “Metaverse home” for sale as an NFT in history in March 2021.

We look forward to seeing the innovative contributions they continue to add to this ever-evolving space.