February 18

Wevr to power Kaleidoscope’s 2016 VR World Tour

With the announcement of the Kaleidoscope 2016 World Tour,  Wevr is thrilled to continue a dynamic relationship with visionary San Francisco based VR community Kaleidoscope. In the recent past we have collaborated on several groundbreaking experiences including “Mad God” by special effects legend Phil Tippett (Empire Strikes Back, Temple of Doom) and the experience APEX which is the follow up to the cult fave “Surge” by Arjan Van Marten.

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As Wevr Cofounder and EVP of Content, Anthony Batt, explains, “Wevr and Kaleidoscope align both philosophically and aesthetically. The two of us are looking to foster brave and creative talent and advance the medium as a significant art form. We believe completely in what Kaleidoscope are doing. They encourage and develop exactly the kind of innovative content that our network Transport was created to distribute.”


With Kaleidoscope’s 2016 World Tour, we have partnered on yet another intriguing enterprise with a multi continent festival-symposium designed to exhibit cutting edge experiences and support nascent VR creatives around the globe.  Described as a “traveling showcase of the best in cinematic virtual reality & immersive experiences” – the tour will present over 30 experiences. The selections include Wevr productions such as WAVES, Hard World For Small Things, Old Friend, Irrational Exuberance, theBlu: Encounter and more. Each event consists of two segments, the first featuring demos of the experiences and the second hosting an artist panel with the creators discussing their works. The tour is being powered by Wevr’s network Transport, with all the official selections exhibited on Transport and then made available on-line via Transport so people throughout the world can experience them.

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Kaleidoscope co-founder René Pinnell recently talked to us about the upcoming 2016 World Tour. “The purpose of these events is to champion the independent creators who are really driving virtual reality as an artistic medium. We think at Kaleidoscope that VR has the potential to become the dominant art form. The key word is potential. It’s going to take a lot of artists experimenting and failing and eventually succeeding to figure out what those conventions are going to be. And we believe that small teams and small studios are best positioned to be at the vanguard of this because they will take the biggest risks.  These are the type of artists we want to feature and we think Transport is the perfect fit for this.”


“We think the most interesting works are those that acknowledge the viewer’s presence and are different because of it. It can be highly interactive or subtly interactive, but we think any work in VR that doesn’t let the viewer’s presence guide or alter the experience is missing part of the magic of VR.  So the transition from adjacent industries like film, tech and gaming is not always intuitive or obvious, and one of the ways we want to help is by hosting these events where aspiring VR makers can come and meet with other creatives who have figured out pieces of the puzzle and who can provide answers to their questions.”

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Kaleidoscope World Tour Dates:

Paris – March 1st

Tel Aviv – March 5th

London – March 8th

Stockholm – March 12th

Cologne – March 18th

Berlin – March 22nd

Amsterdam – March 25th

Seoul – March 31st

Tokyo – April 6th


For additional info and tickets go here!