September 20

Wevr Teams With Time Inc. for Incredible “Fast Ride”

LIFE VR--Fast-Ride-Poster

At Wevr we delight in moving VR forward technologically and artistically. It’s the reason we love to collaborate. Earlier this year we partnered with Time Inc. to produce content for the company’s new VR platform LIFE VROur first project together was the VR edition of Sport’s Illustrated’s iconic Swimsuit issue which effectively transported audiences onto an exotic beach with the most beautiful women in the world.

Car with flame

Now we’re following up with Fast Ride for Time Inc.’s online automotive magazine The Drive. This experience places a viewer directly inside a classic Mazda race car as it speeds around the Laguna Seca Raceway. The car, a classic 700-horsepower Mazda 787, is renowned for being first first and only Japanese race car to win the storied 24-hour Le Mans race. The result captures the sound and fury of the race experience with a remarkable sense of presence.

Fast Ride was directed by Wevr creative director Luis Blackballer, who used his prior experience shooting VR in cars while making the acclaimed experiences Hard World For Small Things and the series Gone.

“It was particularly challenging to shoot inside such a small car and at such high speeds,” Blackaller says, “ but our Wevr 360 camera was designed to film a person trapped inside the trunk of a car, so we had little trouble adjusting it to the confined interior of a race car. It is actually great for fans to have a chance to explore up close all the dials and buttons available for the driver while being so close to him at the same time. Early on we learned that cars are great device for VR because their frame provide natural grounding support for camera motion. It might be hard for people to experience an extreme ride like this without being protected by the car frame.  For the audio we placed ten microphones throughout the the car so we could create a positional surround engine roar. I think this experience is incredibly effective in capturing what it’s like to race.”


Wevr co-founder and EVP, Anthony Batt, who served as executive producer on Fast Ride, adds, “Projects like this are just good for VR. The combining of Wevr’s evolving skill set with Time’s unique ability create and deliver content to a worldwide audience just expands the medium and allows us both to venture into new territory.”

LIFE VR is available as a free, standalone app for iOS and Android, with its programming distributed across all channels where VR is available, including Cardboard, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear.