April 29

Wevr Experiences at Tribeca Festival Compel Press To Ponder Future

Three Wevr produced experiences recently appeared at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York generating an intense buzz amongst both audiences and press. The simulations featured were – the ingenious mixed media horror story Christmas VR (starring Seth Green), Janicza Bravo’s provocative Hard World for Small Things and Tyler Hurd’s psychedelic dance party Old Friend. While all of them received praise, the most notable takeaway was a collective declaration from the press that VR is now poised to reinvent the music video and that Tyler Hurd’s Old Friend is the turning point for this. Having produced both Old Friend and Run the Jewels’ recent VR video Crown,  we tend to agree.

Scene from Tyler Hurd’s “Old Friend.”

The Los Angeles Times writes, “Movies and television have been trying to put us in new worlds since pretty much the moment they were invented. Video games have taken the first-person experience that much further. “Old Friend” advances all of those efforts.” Read the entire article here.

Popular Science writes, “One experience might spearhead an entirely new genre: the virtual reality music video. In “Old Friend,” creator Tyler Hurd, who cut his teeth as a video game animator, drops you into the center of a psychedelic dance circle set to Future Islands’ song of the same name. As the tune’s high-pitched synth hook kicks in on your headphones, you’re confronted by an almost psychotically happy drum major who twirls his baton, lip syncs, dances like a madman, and makes it all but impossible for you not to do the same.” Read the entire article here.

Backstage says “On the live action frontier, director Janicza Bravo’s “Hard World for Small Things” starring Keith Stanfield (“Straight Outta Compton,” “Short Term 12”) and Brandon Scott grounds audiences in a tragic real-world scenario that packs an emotional punch” and ““Old Friend” as well as another music video to rapper Killer Mike’s “Crown” are poised to revitalize the music video industry.” Read the entire article here.

The Verge calls Hurd’s Old Friend the “Best Interactive VR and write, “turns viewers into participants in a surreal and slightly Muppets-esque dance party — although if you get too close to your fellow puppets, they’ll bat their hands around in mock annoyance, dancing away from your touch. The experience is produced by VR studio Wevr, which also worked on the frenetic Reggie Watts experience Waves — and like Waves, Old Friend is pure silliness. But where the former felt like an over-the-top science fiction parody, the latter is a carefree, totally self-contained little piece of modern pop culture.” Read the entire article here.

Wareable.com heralds Old Friend as the “Best VR Music Experience” here.

Engadget says Old Friend “does for VR what The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” did for MTV” in that it “defines a whole new genre for a whole new medium” here.

The Wall Street Journal profiles both Janicza Bravo’s acclaimed cinematic experience “Hard World for Small Things,” along with Wevr here.

Scene from Janicza Bravo’s “Hard World For Small Things.”

For an opportunity to experience the before mentioned simulations, visit Wevr’s new VR network Transport here.