February 24

Wevr Debuts theBlu Installation In Dubai Aquarium. More to come…


We are thrilled to tell you about a new development in Wevr’s continued exploration of VR as a medium for thought provoking entertainment and experiential education. Until VR headsets have become as commonplace as flatscreen televisions in households, we believe that it is necessary to find different methods to expose people to high quality immersive experiences.

This is precisely why we have launched a new VR installation at the famed Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, situated on the coast of the Persian Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates. Alongside the aquarium’s exotic assortment of living oceanic life which includes a massive crocodile, sharks and more, visitors to the aquarium can now experience Wevr’s iconic series “TheBlu Season One” within a customized setting located in the aquarium’s newly established VR Zoo section.” This is the result of a collaboration between Wevr and the Dubai Aquarium.


Paul Hamilton, General Manager & Curator of the Dubai Aquarium, explains the installation’s underlying conservationist mission, “Educating the public about endangered species is a key priority at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and we’re glad to be able to reflect that mission in the new VRZOO attraction. As we continue to expand our offering, VRZOO is the next step in diversifying our educational platforms. It carries an important message in that all the species showcased could be lost forever in the near future without intervention. It is frightening to think that in our lifetime, some of these species may become extinct and only live on in VR for future generations.”

We at Wevr have long believed that one of VR’s most intriguing qualities is its unique ability to allow audiences to experience parts of our planet they might otherwise get to. Our series theBlu, directed by Jake Rowell, is a powerful example of this potential, effectively transporting viewers into the deepest regions of the ocean and introducing them to some of the most spectacular creatures on earth. For this reason, our recent exhibit at the Dubai Aquarium is merely the first in our ongoing mission to expand the accessibility of quality VR experiences.


As Neville Spiteri, co-founder of Wevr and Executive producer of theBu series, explains, “We are excited about the interest we are seeing in bringing our content to cities around the world. And and we’re doing this by partnering with premiere venues and locations such as the The Dubai Aquarium. As a company we are going to be doing more of this going forward. We are interested in pairing content with context. The aquarium and theBlu is a perfect fit that way, but it could also be a different setting for a different type of experience. We launched in Dubai and there will be more partners in the future.  The very next one features theBlu at the renowned Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.”

Wevr’s “theBlue Season One” is currently on display at the Dubai Aquarium. It will be available at The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles on March 6th.