November 13

Hulu Collaborates With Anthony Batt & Luis Blackaller of Wevr On 360° Immersive Story Experiences

Wevr produced Hulu experience The Reckoning

Hulu is an absolutely forward thinking and innovative media brand.  For that reason, Wevr is thrilled to be working with them on immersive content programming.  Hulu has had  breakout year with the launch of their live TV service and the incredible success of their acclaimed dystopian drama The Handmaid’s Tale, which The New York Times describes as “unflinching, vital and scary as hell” and The Atlantic calls “an astounding work of television.” In the last few years the streaming service has evolved into a truly forward thinking media brand that continues to expand the boundaries.

Which is why we were excited to partner with Hulu on their multidimensional Halloween activation called “Huluween.” The Hulu Haunted House features a short form six part anthology series called The House, all of which are available for free. The first of the shorts is entitled Let Us In which leads into The Reckoning, one of two VR extensions Wevr created for Hulu. Both of these experiences are available for free on Hulu’s VR app.  In todays competitive media markets brands need to be creative and innovative. Hulu’s Huluween is all of that. They have made a curated and customer package of programming which is becoming noticed. This type of programming and marketing is the new the new The activation’s second wave will occur on Oct. 25th and include another another VR companion piece created by Wevr.

Wevr produced Hulu experience The Tower

To create these two immersive works, Wevr worked with Hulu from beginning to end, lending our extensive experience and expertise to help them realize their vision. Whether collaborating on the creative concept,  production or post, we found the team at Hulu to be ideal collaborators intent on pushing the boundaries both creatively and technically.

Wevr’s Luis Blackaller, who directed both of the Hulu’s VR experiences, says, “The team at Hulu knows how to grow the narrative scope of a television property using VR and other immersive media. As a director, I felt uniquely supported to execute my vision, and privileged to contribute in the making of an entirely new form of television storytelling.”

Wevr Executive Creative Director  Anthony Batt adds, “We are looking to work great creative brands and are pushing marketing and content forward.  Hulu is super cool because it is a brand that is about telling stories and thinking about how it keeps in constant contact with its audience.  They know immersive stories are the future and we like innovating with them.


The first wave of their Haunted House shorts—all of which are available for free—included Let Us In. That experience lead into “The Reckoning,” one of two VR extensions that WEVR created for Hulu, which are available for free on Hulu’s VR app. The activation’s second wave delivered more short films, one with another companion VR experience created by Wevr called “The Tower.”

We are thrilled to have collaborated with Hulu on these experiences. Wevr creative director Luis Blackaller directed both of the VR shorts. “Hulu seem to be really moving into the future and willing to try new things. Creating VR genre experiences is something that