May 14

Virtual Prevails

We at Wevr hope this post finds you all healthy, safe and happy. It’s been a while. We’re excited to share what we’ve been up to.

We feel extremely grateful that we’ve set up our team as a distributed development studio, able to work remotely just as seamlessly as if we were still in the studio together. Our team has always been spread broadly across Southern California and the United States, so it’s been a relatively smooth transition to keep our collaborations moving forward, even as we work with talented contributors as far off as Ohio, Texas and Massachusetts—even Spain, Mexico, Australia and Hungary.

Wevr’s mission has always been the same: best-in-class immersion. We are passionate about creating Immersive Worlds focusing on Directable Digital AI Characters, Immersive User Avatars and Responsive World Simulations.

Our last project, theBlu: Deep Rescue, brought to life an original whale encounter concept that Director and Producer Jake Rowell and Wevr’s Cofounder and CEO Neville Spiteri, in collaboration with Dreamscape, developed into an emotive, location-based, six-person experience.

We’ve been working day in and day out for the last few years to bring new projects to the VR space. We’re here now to share the news that we’ve got new experiences coming that we believe will once again push the VR medium forward. We’re currently deep in production on an as-yet unannounced immersive project in collaboration with a prominent global IP, helmed by Wevr Cofounder Anthony Batt. We’re super excited to reveal more about that in the near future.

Our next project, Gnomes & Goblins, builds on the immersion and presence that made theBlu: Deep Rescue such a groundbreaking step in VR’s development. From the minds of Jon Favreau and Jake Rowell, Gnomes & Goblins invites players to explore an enchanted forest world where AI-driven interactions with the realm’s denizens shape the story’s evolution and enhance the emotional resonance of a lucid dream. This hybrid form of storytelling combines narrative and agency, creating feelings of citizenship, interconnection and companionship. Gnomes & Goblins is the largest project Wevr has taken on to date and we’re excited for a release later this year that we believe will move the VR medium another step forward.

We will continue to delve deeper into the art and code of creating immersive world building. Deeper into the emotions that create a sense of inclusion, wonder, and presence. And we can’t wait to share.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay tuned for more.