December 16

Transport Premium is Here

This week marks the beginning of Transport premium. It’s a change, but one filled with intriguing possibilities. You can still view some of our great content for absolutely free, though you will need to join the Transport community. To experience absolutely everything you will need to sign up for premium.
We realize it’s still early for artists to make a living making VR, so we wanted to enlist the VR community by offering a model that supports creators. We were influenced both by the quality programing of subscription based networks like HBO and Netflix, and also by the record label Sub Pop’s subscription service “singles club” where fans paid a reasonable fee and trusted that the releases the label sent you would be of a certain artistic quality. That’s what we want to do with VR. Transport premium is what allows us the fund and support upstart artists. And we believe doing this benefits the evolution of the medium.

Earlier this year we were able to fund some truly exceptional projects including musician-comedian-philosopher Reggie Watts’ journey into a dream-within-a-dream meta rabbit hole called Waves, Tyler Hurd’s  joyous room scale psychedelic dance party Old Friend and a meditative journey inwards with philosopher, physician and author Deepak Chopra entitled Finding Your True Self.


We believe VR has the potential to be truly revolutionary. Beyond entertaining people in all sorts of new ways, it could likely alter how we perceive the world around us. Therefore it’s essential to come up with a sustainable business for VR creatives so the evolution of this medium can continue. Premium is our way of establishing a symbiotic relationship between artist and audience. We invite you to be more than just a tourist and to join us on this weird and extraordinary journey.