October 18

theBlu Season1 Now available on Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets

For a majority of first generation VR users, Wevr’s theBlu: Season 1 has been both an ideal introduction to the new medium and a resounding confirmation of its long hoped-for potential.  The ability to transport a person into alternate realities, allowing them to explore environments and scenarios never before thought possible, has truly been realized with this vivid and intensely evocative animated excursion into a variety of undersea worlds.

Now this powerful series, which features an encounter with an 80 foot whale, an undersea migration on the edge of a coral reef, and a journey to the deepest region of the ocean – is available to experience on Microsoft’s brand new Mixed Reality Headsets. At Wevr, we are convinced that  Microsoft’s MR inside-out tracking is a significant step in the evolution of immersive computing, providing a newfound ease of accessibility. In addition we are seriously impressed by the quality and fidelity of the displays.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets

Wevr collaborated closely with Microsoft to make this opportunity a reality, working through the inherent challenges of a new technology to make theBlu ready for this launch.  “It was great working with the team at Microsoft,”says Wevr Technical Director ,Scott Reeser. “Their enthusiasm and the scope of  capabilities was impressive and allowed us to get the theBlu: Season 1 up and running on their headsets.  The resulting experience is something we are convinced will move the medium froward.”

Wevr’s Scott Reeser demos theBlu on Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Headsets

Here at Wevr we are thrilled for this unique opportunity to bring theBlu: Season 1 to an expanded audience made up of VR newcomers, existing fans, ocean lovers, educators, and anyone and everyone with a desire  to experience the power of presence in room scale VR.

theBlu Season 1 is now available via Microsoft here