November 8

The Gregory Brothers & Wevr Unleash Epic Presidential Rap Battle


This has been a contentious election no matter where you stand on the political divide. And like most reasonable people, we believe they best way to resolve such disputes is a fiery freestyle rap battle. Renowned musical satirists The Gregory Brothers agreed, and, with the support of Youtube, they offer you the 360° experience If Elections Were Sports featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spitting their best rhymes and showcasing some surprisingly agile dance moves.

View the experience here!

The Gregory Brothers have risen to prominence with an entirely unique brand of social and political satire called “Songify the News” in which the voices of politicians, news anchors, and political pundits are manipulated so they appear to sing. The group initially reached a mass audience in 2009 with “Autotune The News” and in 2010 with their viral sensation “Bed Intruder Song.” They have since earned a large and well deserved following with a collection of award winning and inventive works featured on their YouTube Channel. If Elections Were Sports is the result of a partnership between The Gregory Brothers, YouTube and Wevr.

As the Gregory Brothers explain, “YouTube is really investing in the 360 space and asked if we had an idea. We did and they partnered us up with Wevr.  They handled to technical challenges of VR which allowed us to concentrate on the creative aspects. Also Luis from Wevr picked us up at the airport. No one has ever picked us up at the airport in Los Angeles. It was very impressive. He’s a great driver.”

Gregory Brothers Trump Clinton rap battle
Still from If Elections Were Sports

Jamie Byrne, Director, YouTube Creators, adds, “The Gregory Brothers have always been willing and excited to experiment with new technologies.  Additionally, given the relevancy of their content, the election was a perfect fit in conjunction with the timing of the YouTube VR app on Daydream. We approached the Gregory Brothers with the opportunity to produce new VR content and paired them with WEVR to execute on their vision.  Pairing the Gregory Brothers with VR technologies allowed them to take their popular “Songify” format to another level and made it more immersive for viewers.”

Merging the Gregory Brothers distinctive “songify” style with the latest 360° capabilities proved an intriguing undertaking both creatively and technologically.  In order to best support their unique vision, Wevr used Google’s new Jump Odyssey camera, benefitting from both its incredible resolution and cloud based post production capabilities that all but eliminated the typically time consuming stitching process. It also allowed for a very cool 3D effect.

“When we were invited to do this project we were thrilled,” Wevr Creative Director Luis Blackaller says. “And we felt confident because we had done several music and comedy productions and believe the merging of the two is a genre worth exploring in VR.  This was our first opportunity to use  the Jump Odyssey and we thought it was the perfect project for it. That it would allow us the freedom to concentrate all our post production efforts on making the piece as immersive as possible while remaining true to the distinct DIY style of the Gregory Brothers.”

Gregory Brothers Behind The Scenes
Behind the scenes of If Elections Were Sports

In just a few the hours since debuting on the Gregory Brothers YouTube channel, If Elections Were Sports has accrued an  incredible amount of views and inspired an impassioned (and semi civil) discussion.

“The point of our Youtube channel is to “songify” the entire universe,” the Gregory Brothers offer. “Unfortunately the universe is expanding at a rate that is faster than we can work , but this piece offers a whole new aspect of songifying the universe that we hadn’t even considered. There were a lot of challenges but that was what was great about working with Wevr is they knew what they were doing. It was really complicated but worth it because it’s both different than what we do and probably exactly what people would want us to do in the 360 space.”