March 16

Popular Youtube Creators “SoKrispyMedia” Debut 360° Video “Internet Surfer

There is no doubt that VR will be an essential medium of the future. The journey has already begun. But out there on the horizon are the creative works that will alter the nature of how we view entertainment . More than likely those pivotal works will be made young artists whose creative life has evolved alongside the emergence of this medium and who view immersive experiences as just another natural creative avenue. We can’t wait to see what these experiences will look like.

This is the reason we’ve been out there encouraging a new generation of creatives to explore the medium. Internet Surfer, currently featured  on Google Daydream and created by the duo known as SoKrispyMedia (aka Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh,) is a prime example of this mission. Wevr partnered with our colleagues at Reality One to lend technical and financial assistance to two talented emerging young Youtube creators, enabling them to transition their already vast visual talents into 360° video.

As Wevr co-founder Anthony Batt explains, “Wevr and Reality One partnered to find and encourage young emerging VR creators who could potentially transform the medium. When we saw the work Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh, we were taken with their visual instincts and natural comic timing. We think Internet Surfer is merely the beginning for them.”

Gigi Pritzker, co-founder of Reality One, adds, ““At Reality One, a new generation of digital artists can feel at home, dream big and express themselves. We’re thrilled to support Sam and Eric, and know that together with Wevr our teams will create even more delightful, boundary pushing work like Internet Surfer.”

Internet Surfer both embraces and explores a world of Youtube entertainment where sight gags, visual slapstick and witty banter can accumulate millions of views for a single clip.The delightfully high energy experience utilizes a series of clever visual devices to ingeniously warp viewers int to the worlds of popular Youtube creators Zach King, Corridor Digital, Jamie Costa, Cyanide & Happiness and LindseyRem.

“Eric and I have been making videos for our YouTube channel for quite a while and we’ve met quite a few YouTube creators in the process,” says co-director Sam Wickert. “We really wanted to create a 360° piece that involved going into a computer that was a collaboration with a lot of YouTube creators. I see a lot of great potential for VR but I think the storylines definitely need to match the reason for watching it. There’s definitely a more intimate relationship when you’re watching 360° content versus regular 2-D. With us growing up on YouTube, there is this very particular formula which is followed and you can see that in our content. It’s something that we enjoy but as we are developing and growing as filmmakers, we are becoming intrigued by higher end stories. But in the near future I see us continuing in this similar formula and trying to make some really impressive 360° content.”

“This is 360 content for the YouTube generation,” adds Brandon Padveen, producer of Internet Surfer / Reality One. “Kids who are actively involved in digital media and who can now go on adventures with their favorite creators in a way only made possible with VR. I think videos like ‘Internet Surfer’ can drive young people with Androids, and hopefully someday iPhones, to put those phones into headsets. We believe that SoKrispyMedia can be a totally new type of influencer in the VR space, and are excited to see the worlds they send us to next.”

Internet Surfer is currently available on Wevr Transport here