September 2

Gnomes & Goblins Releases September 23, 2020

In 2016, we introduced you to Gnomes & Goblins with a little Preview, which was so loved by fans. Now, the time has finally come—and we couldn’t be happier to announce the official release date for Gnomes & Goblins for PCVR: September 23, 2020!

Gnomes & Goblins began with a sketch by filmmaker Jon Favreau, who had gotten a chance to experience our VR product theBlu: Whale Encounter, and could hardly believe the sense of presence and scale offered by virtual reality. Building on Wevr’s learnings from TheBlu, VR Director Jake Rowell developed Jon’s sketch into an adorable 3D character within an interactive enchanting world.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Gnomes & Goblins is the biggest project Wevr has developed. Where the G&G Preview was a quick introduction to Buddy and his world, a bit like a  tasting spoon of ice cream, this all-new, full-featured, multi-hour VR simulation game is like a full pint of your favorite flavor with new interactions and story moments to discover including new characters to meet, forest areas to explore, magical collectibles to discover and a range of open-world gameplay from climbing to paddle boarding to farming and brew-making.  

Gnomes & Goblins pushes the boundaries of VR technology, introducing a new cast of characters in an expansive and richly detailed world. We created G&G to be a bit like a virtual theme park, where the experience evokes both the calming and thrilling potentiality of a lucid dream. Expect the unexpected with magic artifacts, mini-stories, and mini-games interweaving adventure and endless exploration as players discover the underlying myth and mysterious goings-on in the enchanted world of G&G.

As an indie studio, the Wevr team had to navigate through the tricky waters of the nascent VR industry and follow through on bringing a big vision to fruition. We’ve been on a journey of exploration and learnings and now, with this release, we look forward to hearing what our fans have to say about our indie project. And then we’ll continue on the journey of building more of the virtual world of Gnomes & Goblins!

We can’t wait to see how you explore the magical world of Gnomes & Goblins beginning on September 23! Wishlist now on Steam, Oculus, or Vive