December 15

G&G – Point Release 1.2 (12-15-2020)

Last month, we shipped the first point release for Gnomes & Goblins to address performance issues and fix some key bugs that users encountered immediately after launch. We can happily report that point release 1.1 solved many of the major issues surrounding the Oculus Rift and Rift S headsets—we thank all our G&G fans for their patience as we worked tirelessly to bring G&G up to the standards we expect here at Wevr. 

We’ve received a very positive reaction from G&G users after our first patch, which helped inspire our team’s dedication to the ongoing optimization process with a second point release that we’re happy to unveil today.

G&G point release 1.2 includes performance enhancements and updates that allow for a wider range of VR devices and PC specs to enjoy the Goblin Forest’s magic without sacrificing the high-fidelity graphics and AI tech that make the experience so unique. Our new optimizations have enabled us to improve the visual quality on our High, Medium and Low graphics settings, as well as to include some new gameplay features!

Please see below for a full list of our newest updates for G&G point release 1.2.

One specific inclusion in this point release that many of you have asked for is the addition of a teleport-style game traversal system, which allows for quicker jumps through the forest. Our teleport is a flat-ground-style arc teleport, so it won’t allow jumping between floors of tree interiors. For that, you will still need to use your other tools. Switch to teleport traversal in the Options Menu to try it out. 

Please note that to enable the best experience possible, we recommend closing down all other unrelated applications before launching G&G. We have found during our performance testing that leaving many tabs open in web browsers can be detrimental to G&G’s performance and can contribute to sim-sickness.

Since the launch of Gnomes & Goblins, our #1 focus has been to improve performance and enable as many people as possible to experience our game. We also want to offer a look behind the curtain at all the beautiful animation and art that our developers created during G&G’s production, so we have added new Art and Animation Galleries that can be accessed from the Quest Log after reaching “Goblin Life” mode. Just turn the page and walk into the Magic Portal! So much love and care went into every aspect of this game, and we are thrilled to share some of that work.

We’re incredibly grateful for all the comments and reviews we’ve received about G&G, which have helped us in our goal of optimizing this game and improving our own craft. We care very much about the future of this game, as well as theVR industry as a whole, and we hope this second point release will inspire further exploration into the magical world of G&G.



  • Further improvements to graphics settings to improve performance
  • Further improvements to particle systems’ performance
  • Reduced excessive VRAM usage to improve texture streaming
  • Reduced frequency and size of hitches caused by garbage collection
  • Reduced lightmap memory usage by forcing all LODs to share lightmaps
  • Fixed lightmap popping in LOW and MED graphics settings
  • Reduce muddiness of textures on LOW introduced in 1.1


  • Added Teleport Traversal option accessible via options menu (Experimental!)
  • Added Art & Animation Galleries accessible via Quest Log portal after reaching Goblin Life
  • Added hint books to Goblin Life
  • Fixed light pop on on characters
  • Removed some props from where the bucket spawns
  • Fix audio being lost when game doesn’t have focus
  • Fix audio being lost after Gnome Maze
  • Converted items to incremental achievements so their progress is tracked
  • Achievement descriptions are no longer hidden