September 24

G&G is open to the world!

We are extremely excited to have released Gnomes & Goblins, and even more so to hear your feedback. We are listening. Thank you.

G&G is a multi-hour adventure simulation VR game brought to you with care by the Wevr team. We conceived G&G for newcomers to VR and experienced VR users alike. The adventure begins in Story Mode as an easily accessible, guided journey that onboards players and introduces VR controls while introducing Buddy the Goblin and his world.

After an intro to the Goblin society and their foes, G&G then unfolds into a challenging open-world “Goblin Life” mode for the core VR player. This features exploration, discovery, crafting and collection in scavenger hunt gameplay.

G&G is a high-fidelity immersive experience that requires high GPU/CPU performance. Today’s release works best on a 2080+ desktop PC with Index or VivePro headsets. We’re dedicated to bringing the wonderful world of G&G to a broader range of PC specs and other VR devices.

We will continue developing G&G to enhance the experience for both VR newcomers and core players, while expanding the world and gameplay. Please share your experiences as you explore the forest and befriend its denizens—we are here and we are listening to your feedback.

Finally, here are some clues to kickstart your “scavenger hunt” in open world mode:

  • After completing the “Lantern Release,” you start “Goblin Life” mode. This is the beginning of an open-world game experience. Keep the Magic Bell and the Magic Eye on your waist belt.
  • Use the Magic Eye device to teleport around the forest. Use the Magic Bell to summon Fairies, then grab and shake them.
  • Locate hidden seed packs throughout the forest to unlock more seed silos in the Farm. Plant crops and grow your harvest over time.
  • In the Brewery, follow the recipes in the Magic Book. Put the recipe ingredients in the little cart next to the Magic Book and ring the bell to start brewing. Watch a clip and discover more hints in the playlist below.
  • As you discover magical artifacts throughout the forest, your inventory grows in your Player Treehouse. Shake the Hint Fairy in the Player Treehouse to see all the remaining collectibles.


Welcome to the world of G&G! Download the game and begin your adventure today.

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