January 12

Behind the scenes of making of theBlu: Encounter


Amongst the Wevr experiences causing a sensation at this year’s Sundance Festival was our groundbreaking work theBlu: Encounter. A deeply immersive experience and popular introduction to VR, theBlu: Encounter was helmed by Jake Rowell, an independent director/art director who previously worked on Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, and Superman Returns. Also on the team was Andy Jones, Academy Award winning animation director of Avatar. The piece transports audiences deep under the ocean, on to the deck of a sunken ship and face-to-face with an 80 foot blue whale, an encounter that creates both a sense of uncanny scale and unexpected yet profound empathy.

You can preview some imagery and hear from the creative team behind theBlu: Encounter in the behind the scenes video here:

We’ve got plenty more to keep you posted about theBlu and Jake, so be sure to check back in for more soon!