March 5

Arjan van Meerten’s Anticipated New Experience Apex To Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival

Wevr is thrilled to announce that Apex, the visionary new experience from  artist and musician Arjan Van Meerten, will premiere at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival in New York City beginning April 19th. Apex delivers a surrealistic and darkly beautiful apocalyptic vision set to an original score. It is the highly anticipated follow up to van Meerten’s widely acclaimed experience Surge, which won ‘Best Score’ at the 2015 Proto Awards, and ‘Audience Choice’ at Kaleidoscope 2015.

Arjan explains the powerful atmosphere of Apex. “I played in bands from when I was 16 – really loud death metal. But I had always been interested in electronic music as well and started to make it. VR is a really intense and immersive way to experience music. The best way I can describe Apex is like when I was fifteen and went to a death metal concert and what I felt being in the crowd as the band played, the aggression and the energy. And it’s overwhelming and kind of scary but it makes you feel something. And that’s what I wanted to do with Apex. There is destruction but there is also beauty in what you are seeing. It’s really more of an atmosphere than a traditional story. And that’s what I’m interested in doing now, putting people in worlds more than telling a traditional stories in those worlds. I like it when people take off the headset and have to adjust to the earth again.”

 The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 by actor Robert De Niro and two partners and has evolved into one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. This year the festival will feature an immersive program entitled the Virtual Arcade. The stated mission of this is to feature “thought-provoking experiences and installations from top creators and emerging artists” that “push the boundaries of storytelling through technology and creativity.” As Loren Hammonds, Programmer of Film and Experiential at Tribeca Film Festival, explains, “As VR has continued to evolve technologically, so has the storytelling, Our mission is to shine a light on those creators pushing the boundaries of the medium to move beyond the demo phase and deliver on the promise of fully realized stories and truly transformative experiences.”

We are convinced that Arjan is the kind of visionary artist that will help to transform VR as a medium,” Wevr co-founder and Apex co-producer Anthony Batt says. “His debut experience Surge was absolutely incredible and generated a completely organic excitement among early VR adaptors. Since its release there has been a building anticipation for a follow up and Apex is everything we could have hoped for. It’s truly startling in its originality and artistic power. Because Arjan creates both the music and the visuals, you get a profoundly personal vision that comes across in this uncompromising work. This is the kind of experience that reminds us of why we love VR.”

Apex co-producer René Pinnell offers, “Whenever you listen to a song you have these waves of emotion. And being inside of Apex is like diving inside the music and what you see is amplifying those emotions. It’s like he is hardwiring into you brain and demanding that you feel this fear and wonder. Arjan’s work is like painting with emotions. There is no plot, but there is an abstract logic at work that pulls you through the experience. It commands your attention..”

For more information about Tribeca’s Virtual Arcade, go here.