April 27

Apex Premieres At Tribeca Film Festival / Now Available on Transport!

Apex, the new experience from artist and musician Arjan van Meerten, premiered this week at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is now available on Wevr’ Transport here. Described as a surrealistic and darkly beautiful apocalyptic vision set to an original score, the simulation’s reception at Tribeca was a mix of awe and  appreciation as fans, VR neophytes, and fellow creators, stepped into the neon lit installation to experience van Meerten’s fiery and immersive dreamscape.

If any single visual incapsulates Apex’s New York debut, it would be legendary Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, dressed  in white, gyrating slowly around the Blade Runner-like installation, seemingly lost in the simulation’s music and visuals. Upon exiting, Byrne offered the following critique, stating “That was powerful.”

David Byrne experiences Apex
Arjan exploring Tribeca

Apex was in extraordinary company at Tribeca this year. We were genuinely inspired by the simulations we saw and the talented creators we had the privilege of meeting. To paraphrase H. G. Wells, it was without a doubt “the shape of things to come.” From multi sensory experiences focusing on the natural world in vastly different and equally powerful ways with Tree and Tree Hugger, to a brilliant and emotional reimagining of what VR can be in Draw Me Close, to two experiences – Auto and Alteration – that collectively affirmed the narrative possibilities of VR. By week’s end, we emerged convinced more than ever that the medium is in good hands.

The scene at the Tribeca VR Arcade

In the company of so much innovation and undeniable talent, we have been proud to see Apex singled out for praise by a number of sites and publications, some of which are listed below:

“Arjan van Meerten’s new film, Apex, puts users in the middle of an apocalyptic nightmare. The striking visuals, including gigantic human-type figures, skeletal deer, and lots and lots of fire, rush at you at high speed, while van Meerten’s original score adds to the feeling of exhilaration crossed with catastrophe. The result is an extremely powerful, and immersive, film.” – The Culture Trip

“Best VR music video – Apex. Arjan van Meerten, musician and creator of the popular VR music video Surge, has produced another dynamic visual experience with Apex. In this film, floating objects and monstrous creatures appear and move with the beat of the rhythm and melody of the electronic soundtrack, as you stand and watch the explosive destruction of the city around you.” – Wareable

“Apex keeps things short and intensely experiential. It’s a partnership between studio Wevr and musician Arjan van Meerten, pairing a thudding musical composition by van Meerten with apocalyptic scenes that suggest both destruction and rebirth. I try to stay away from the term “immersion,” but at its best, Apex makes you feel like you’re being subsumed into some fiery new world. “- The Verge

“Dystopian futures, and the post-apocalypse, are popular science fiction themes, so naturally there was another more abstract apocalyptic experience, Apex. This freakish, hellish vision is from Dutch artist Arjan van Meerten. “ – Forbes

“Apex by Arjan van Meerten with Wevr and Kaleidoscope VR is a cool music video art project that offers a glimpse into some sort of apocalyptic future complete with weird 3D creatures. The flame effects are particularly cool.” – Screen Anarchy

“Pioneering virtual reality studio and distributor Wevr returns to the Tribeca Film Festival–this time presenting Apex, a VR experience created by 3D artist and musician Arjan van Meerten. Anthony Batt, co-founder/executive VP of Wevr and an exec producer on Apex, described van Meerten’s piece as making viewers/participants feel like they’re “awake in someone else’s dream.” Batt said that van Meerten fits the bill of what Wevr is constantly seeking– artists who are going to make you think, who place you in something artistic.” – Shoot

You can now experience Apex on Wevr Transport here!