August 18

Adult Swim’s “Virtual Brainload” Launches On Transport


“If you’re looking for something akin a virtual acid trip, Adult Swim has you covered.” – Tech Times

Adult Swim’s debut VR experience, the aptly titled “Virtual Brainload,” was initially released last year for Google cardboard to acclaim from press and fans alike. The experience will now premiere on Wevr’s Transport where it is available to blow minds via the Samsung Gear and HTC Vive headsets. With increased resolution, state of the art graphics, and an expanded field of view, Transport delivers a Virtual Brainload experience with a whole new level of immersive presence.


As a network, Adult Swim has consistently influenced the zeitgeist of modern animation since its formation in 2001. With shows like Robot Chicken, Rick and Morty, The Eric Andre Show, and others, the channel has pushed the creative envelope and built a dedicated world wide audience. Adult Swim’s Virtual Brainload adheres to this spirit of irreverent innovation perfectly, being described as “a psychedelic trip into a twisting, curving, flashing world” by Mashable with Engadget proclaiming, “Adult Swim just took that strangeness to a new level.”


“Poke your head into Adult Swim’s Virtual Brainload and gaze in awe at the backside of reality. You’ll live the American dream, drifting bodiless and overwhelmed, free from the tyranny of choice and responsibility. But caution: Parts of this journey will test your mind as well as your body and the person who emerges may not be anyone you know.”