March 7

Acclaimed Immersive Series theBlu Available Today in HD 360 Stereo!

Wevr’s acclaimed experiential undersea series theBlu, viewed throughout the world as the gold standard introduction to immersive entertainment, will now become available as a remastered stereoscopic 360 video for mobile HMDs on March 7th 2019.

The Jake Rowell directed series allows audiences to venture into three beautifully atmospheric undersea environments.  Episode “Whale Encounter” offers an emotional and affecting encounter with an 80 foot whale. “Reef Migration” positions audiences amidst a vibrant undersea migration on the edge of a coral reef and “Luminous Abyss” journeys into the very deepest region of the ocean to encounter a variety of immensely exotic lifeforms.

The series deftly mixes an undeniable sense of animated realism with a deliberate dream-like quality to create a transcendent sense of “presence” – the perception that one is actually inhabiting an environment. As director Rowell explains, “We created an art style that fit being underwater and having one of these transcendent moments that most people would never be able to experience in their life. The experience holds up wonderfully in 360 stereo.”

Wevr recently teamed up with Dreamscape Immersive to offer an entirely revamped location based version of theBlu entitled TheBlu: Deep Rescue, directed by Jake Rowell. The hugely popular multiplayer experience weaves an environmentally conscious narrative and enables up to six people simultaneously with the ability to see and interact with one another.

In a continued desire to make the highest quality immersive entertainment available to the widest possible audience, the remastered mobile HMD version of theBlu features Wevr’s custom high resolution interactive video playback technology and 4K HD stereoscopic video rendering, and will be available for mobile HMDs starting with Oculus Go and Gear VR.


This latest video version is another step in Wevr’s continued exploration of immersive entertainment. Wevr CEO Neville Spiteri states, “Due to popular demand we are releasing the original Blu series on mobile HMDs. This comes 4 years after the original debut at MWC and GDC in 2015. We are excited for this anniversary release and delighted that the Blu continues to be so well loved.”

theBlu mobile is available today for purchase on the Oculus store here!